School finished on Friday for another term. When you take school into five-week blocks, things fly by. Next term I think they’re actually four week blocks as well as the wonderful Bank Holidays, oh how I love April and May.

So what is different from the end of last term to this one?

H’s reading has come on amazingly. This morning I was tired and laid in bed while H read to me from her Richard Scarry books which was nice. She read loads too (for almost half an hour!), learned some new tricky words and tackled them well with her sounding out, only asking when she got really stuck. Her previous frustrations at not working out words are now challenges she likes to try and work out which is brilliant.

She moved up a book band again recently, and we’ve left the world of Dandelion Phonics behind. I will not miss Pip and the gang… the latest book was about pirates and loads of interesting facts. Considering H quite likes being a pirate I’m quite pleased with her choice – and we get to keep it for nearly three weeks too thanks to the break.

H’s class have been given ‘tricky words’ to learn, but apart from ‘could’ she was managing them pretty well. On speaking to her teacher to find out why we haven’t had any more, she said H was finding it too easy, which made me feel proud. She needs some trickier words to learn.

So now we enter another week of Holiday Club. This time she has a trip to the London Eye – how cool? She really enjoyed her Science Museum trip the last time and I’m much more relaxed about it now she’s done a couple of big trips. She’s also down for a Pottery making event with them, can’t wait to see the results of that.

The little girl I see in front of me isn’t the little girl who was shy and wouldn’t stand up and do things – her confidence is growing which makes me proud.

At school some After School clubs have opened up for the kids, and I’ve put H down for the ICT club. All being well we have a space, but if not it isn’t the end of the world.

Soon the transition will start, getting the Reception kids ready to move up to Year 1. That’s going to be interesting – the homework increases and proper learning starts – without as much of a play element to it. I do think for us parents we need to get used to it too.. I’ve forgotten homework, but remember not enjoying doing it. We’ve time for that, anyway.

(end of term in December)