We’re two and a half months away now. Two and a half bloody months. Yet still I know nothing. Just a vague date, nothing definite. I still have two weeks to wait before I know and can put things in motion and waiting is so irritating when you’re as impatient as me.


School. Uniforms. The next three years of H’s life. A new start. New friends. Old friends in a new surrounding. That’s a plus for around here – there are so many primary schools in such a short distance you’re guaranteed to know someone in your class.

But yet I need to know more. I need to get a visual of what I need, I have pieces of paper telling me, a bazillion pieces of paper and yet my head doesn’t really take it all in. So much to think about and less and less time to action it because we’ve been told a vague idea of what’s happening and it’s all on paper in a pile just waiting.

I’m not stressed. It’s the emotional side of it all – our last dance performance at nursery coming soon, her last open morning this weekend, a graduation ceremony for them all soon. I’ll cry. I’ll cry a lot. I’ll try not to but I will. I think I’m actually feeling this all so much more than she is – my baby is moving on soon and it’s getting forever nearer. She’s not my baby any more; just my little girl. It already feels like nursery have let them go, they just need to know when they move on to make plans for the next set of children to move into their room (which of course I can’t say as I don’t know), a production line of children being looked after and taught some brilliant things until the next lot start.

Right now it feels like someone else has the jigsaw I want to put together and they’re giving it to me one piece at a time – and they’re not even pieces which link together.

On the plus side I picked up a leaflet which gives all children free milk until they’re five. Does this mean H will have free milk for her whole first year at school? Bloody excellent if so! Being the youngest in the year has its perks.

Still, two and a half months. Where exactly has this year gone?