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For the last three months or so, H has decided she doesn’t like peppers. The other night while watching Peppa Pig, we got to the episode where George decides he doesn’t like lettuce, tomato and cucumber, but Mummy Pig (or someone) cuts it into the shape of a dinosaur, which George sees with delight and scoffs it up.

So somewhere in my head I’m trying to concoct a way that some peppers could look like Peppa Pig. Given that right now you could tell H anything and she’ll believe you, I did put three peppers in a line and say “LOOK! Wow! It’s Peppa Pig!!!” – and she picked up a piece on her fork, put it in her mouth, but then immediately removed it. I need a more cunning plan. She believed me, but she knew it wasn’t…

I’ve tried blending them and having a pepper sauce on some quorn fillets which worked, and I’ve given her pepper soup which she loved, but if she sees actual peppers, then they’re refused point-blank.

If anyone can suggest any good characters (is there a pepper on Mr Bloom’s Nursery?) I can pretend they are, please suggest away…

(of course, this still doesn’t beat the hilarous one, when H’s friend J refused his sausages. His daddy pointed out “but it’s Peppa Pig!” to which J ate them all up immediately. I’m a vegetarian too, for the record… it still makes me giggle)