We’re probably a 50-50 house as far as the kids tv channels go – Cbeebies and Nick Jr being pretty equal as far as it goes – though realistically we’re definitely more a V+ household, so we don’t have to watch the ads!

Anyway, coming next week on Nick Jr is Dinosaur Train – aimed at the 3-6 years market, so something H is just getting into – with each story about a different dinosaur. Given H loves talking (and drawing!) dinosaurs, we’re looking forward to this one – so set your V+ boxes (if you’re not around and are at work like I am) for 4pm on March 12th, Nick Jr – oh, and did I mention it’s a Jim Henson Studios production too?

Here’s a trailer – and we’ll be doing a review at Mum Friendly when we’ve seen it. (and I’m really hoping we’ve not dubbed our version again, as too much of that goes on at Nick Jr!)