I’m turning down everything, taking my lunch at work (saved a lot of money doing that, which is good, and I can pretend it’s for Australia) and yesterday miss_newham brought me a can of my usual green tea from Waitrose – except that now I can’t drink green tea, as it clashes with Folic Acid and can make it less effective, so I kind of groaned inside (ohhhh… I want green tea so badly) and smiled sweetly, thanked her, wanted to cry as I really really wanted that drink, and put it in my bag so Shaun could have it instead. Sigh… It’s not fair!

Still, a month to go. One month.

I had a proper tiredness sickly feeling (still there now a bit, but I’ve just eaten, so it should go) last night, and a real craving! I wanted chips! I said to Shaun we could share a portion, and have some salad with it (I felt too tired and wobbly to do the salad though), and he brought me a portion for myself! With mushy peas! Amazingly I couldn’t finish it (probably a good thing), and now I’m wondering… can I count those as two of my five-a-day portions…. sigh. If only… Still, that craving is gone. My mouth needs salty plain food like salted pretzels and chips. I’ll call it a craving, anyway.

They had a drinky work do last night, and I think I managed to duck out by saying I was busy. I felt awful for saying that though… but I couldn’t have faked that one, even using the driving excuse.

Bleh. One Month. Repeat to fade.