Last night, bed at 11pm, she slept through until 2.30am, settled again around 3.30, woke again at 5.30am, and slept a little more.

We’re definitely in a growth spurt right now, as well.

Things do seem to be improving – we’ve our third osteo appointment tomorrow, and on Tuesday her hip ultrasound in the morning. I’ve got my repeat glucose tolerance test on Friday (so they’ll tell me I’m definitely no longer diabetic).

We made up H’s cot yesterday, put a sheet down and scattered her toys around the sides. Geoffrey the Giraffe is currently the favourite, she likes chewing his ears (thank you auntie sarah), in fact, we’ve general progress on toys – she’s hitting the ones in her rocker a lot at the moment and sort of cooing/giggling, without it actually being one.

Have a cute photo too.