Dear H,

Yet again you surprised me with how adaptable you can be. I like to think I give you freedom, but most of me is terrified how much too much actually is, and when is the right time to do it. We’ve stopped using the backpack for taking you out, and most of the time you’ll happily hold my hand and walk along – which is exactly how it should be.

However, you do still need to learn that kneeling on the floor when we’re about to get on the bus is really not a good thing. Hopefully the bus driver was a daddy, as he seemed to understand what was going on – though truthfully you didn’t hold up the journey by staging your protest – it was rush hour anyway.

As a sidenote, I have to say I was so impressed when we were sat on the train, the random stranger next to us was reading the Evening Standard on the Chelsea page, and you said (nice and loud, how come you don’t do nice and loud when I want you to?) “BOO! John Terry!” which made me laugh a bit too much.

The last two days we’ve spent some time around old and new friends of yours (and mine!) who are profoundly deaf. I loved how you have no grasp, no label of your new (and old) friends and you play and all laugh together, united in play. There’s no language barrier in laughter, and to see you yesterday and this afternoon having fun with your friends makes me happy – you don’t really understand but then again you don’t need to as you’re all laughing and playing. That’s all that matters.

All my love, as ever

mummy xxx

Dear Sarah,

Sorry for making you cry last week!

Shall we all do Soft Play next Wednesday instead of swimming?

jo xx