Dear H,

You might think right now that I’m a rotten mummy, taking away your toys like I did. I’m sorry you think that, but time and again I’ll explain to you that you really need to help mummy tidy up. I can do it all, but I shouldn’t have to – you need to learn to take responsibility for your things – and that starts with your toys.

Slowly as you realise that helping me is a good thing, you’ll find the toys return. I loved that you calmed down after getting so angry, and picked up some toys you’d spotted on the floor, returning them to where they belong, and I also noticed you looked really happy and proud that you’d done that – which made me happy and proud too.

I know you’ll be sad, and think I’ve told you off for doing things, but I have to let you in on a secret. I don’t actually know how to be a mummy – I’m winging it right now, probably just like my mum did when I was your age. I think I sometimes get it right, but I know I often get it wrong – I guess that’s learning how to be a parent there, as well as making sure we bring you up properly too.

One day I’ll even manage to persuade you to share half of that last falafel…

On a positive note to finish off, I’m so proud of you. In the last week you’ve started to identify the numbers one to ten without any prompting from me, and the letter H “H for Harry!” – I love that you enjoy learning and want to learn, so long may it continue.

That’s all for this week, I may write again next week,

Lots of Love

mummy x