Dear H,

Please please please stay in bed tonight. Your sleep has become quite erratic for no obvious reason other than I’m doing the extra day so we see each other less in the week. I’m sorry about this, I really am.

Last night you woke and came in bed with us, then once we’d put you back in bed, after an hour or so we were woken by a “HELP MUMMY! HELP DADDY!” terrifying request – ends up your duvet had been kicked off. By you. This happened again, and daddy, being amazing and able to get back to sleep a lot quicker than I can (which is very selfish of me as he’s the one studying while I’m sitting here internetting) dealt with it. Tonight, young lady, it’s my turn.

Please have a lie in tomorrow. We’ve a busy day ahead. We’re going to talk to nursery about possibly dropping your naps, as you cope with it as long as you’ve had a good night the night before.

Oh you monkey. I can hear you – you’re moving around upstairs.

One day you’ll be old enough you’ll want to go to bed and sleep, I wish I knew why you fight it so often, though you do give up the battle fairly quickly in exchange for a cuddle. A fair price, as long as one of us is awake to give it.

With that, I sleepily bid you good night, stay in bed, tucked in tight, see you in the morning

love mummy