Dear H,

I probably wont post the letter I drafted, for now. Let’s just say, daddy ate the jellybeans and we got him back by eating one of the Milky Way Easter eggs. He calmed things down again by going to the Hotel Chocolat sale and getting some bargains. He’s a good daddy.

My daddy was a good daddy too. I wont go on about the cancer thing right now, but Friday 13th’s always bring it back. He died on Friday 13th a few years ago at about ten to one in the morning in York District Hospital. Auntie Sarah, Nana Pat and me were by his side when he died. So every time anyone says “what bad things have happened to you on Friday 13th?” this always floods back. I’m hoping as time progresses that we’ll have happy memories we’ll share together, but right now I’m at work and you’re at nursery, so they’re not happening. That’s not to say something might not in years to come though. I might even go as far as to make sure all Friday 13th’s are days of good memories from here onwards.

I also wonder whether we’re all cursed. Cancer seems to live on my side of the family, with diabetes on daddy’s. We’ve just got to make sure you know this and do everything possible (ie, know what a sensible diet is) to make sure you look after yourself, especially with diabetes. Actually, I say diabetes on daddy’s side, but I got it when I was pregnant with you, so you’re probably doomed, just like I am.

We’ll look after ourselves and we’ll look after each other. I’ll work on sensible ear protecting things in the future, as hearing loss runs on my side too.

Let’s all be healthy together? Runny noses and coughs don’t count, for now.

Lots of love,

Mummy xxx