Two in one week, I know. Two things have happened which make me see what a grown up girl you’re becoming, so they need to be written.

Today at nursery you had your last Little Kickers lesson – I asked where your sticker was (as even though I hate the damn things I know you like them) “coach forgot to give me one” you said, and given your past experience in groups where you’ve been forgotten my heart sunk, that ‘oh no, not again’ feeling. But you piped up “it’s okay though, it’s only a sticker, it doesn’t matter” and sat on my knee, giving me a hug to let me know it’s all okay.

Yesterday I had to sign off your latest progress and development report at nursery and one thing stood out; you were playing with your friend and couldn’t decide who should go first. You piped up  ‘that’s okay, you go first, I’ll go last’ which is HUGE for me to have been told you said that, though then again it doesn’t surprise me – you think everyone is a winner (a first winner, a second winner and so on) and I think that’s such a good attitude to have. One which is probably going to be wrecked by school but one I want you to have for as long as you possibly can.

Just keep being positive. You’re brilliant. I’m looking forward to our special Wednesday morning mummy and H time tomorrow, we’re in the countdown for only another five more which makes me feel really sad. School really is nearly here.


mummy x