Being a parent means I’ve not been able to go out as much as I used to. We have the opportunity to go to several gigs a week at work, and more often than not I can’t go, or the logistics of getting home and getting out again mean I’d never make it on time – so I save my nights out for special occasions, and last night was one of those.

Dead Can Dance played at the Albert Hall, but it was also an excellent social evening, catching up with old friends – Carrie, Phil, Alistair, Rikki, Steve, Ian and more people – and oh, it was a wonderful night.

Dead Can Dance at the Albert HallDCD have been going for years now, forming in Australia in 1981, signing to 4AD and releasing several albums. They split and Lisa Gerrard released several solo albums and became a well-respected composer of film music (Gladiator, The Insider, we were all surprised there’s no Lord of the Rings in there), whereas Brendan Perry continued to make music (he does an amazing ‘Song To The Siren’) and often has workshops to make music at his Quivvy Church home in Ireland.

A DCD gig is a bit of an experience. Brendan’s songs have a more earthy feel, whereas Lisa’s have an almost other-worldliness about them – you’re somewhere else with her incredible voice. It’s like being at the Church Of Lisa. Especially when she sung ‘Sanvean’ which has to be a song at my funeral. Truly amazing – and the silence; well, this is the Albert Hall so there is a kind of awe at being there. God I love that place, it drips history, it’s a fantastic building.

Dead Can Dance at the Albert Hall

The drinks are expensive though… £8 for a glass of wine. Ouch…

We had seats in a Loggia Box – the lowest level – which sits eight people where I got to catch up with Mark who I hadn’t seen for ages which was great. The boxes have a fantastic view of the stage too – we were slightly to the right hand side.

Dead Can Dance at the Albert Hall

So they played. A load of new songs and quite a few classics – switching songs between Brendan and Lisa, Lisa seeming quite relaxed and happy to play – joking and smiling (and even blowing kisses at the end).

So, the setlist…

Children of the Sun
Lamma Bada
The Host of Seraphim
Ime Prezakias
Now We Are Free
All in Good Time
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Dreams Made Flesh
Encore 2:
Song to the Siren
Return of the She-King
Encore 3:
Rising of the Moon

Ah, the end. Carrie and I were yelling “COME BACK PLEEEEASE” – they got several standing ovations (that felt proper in the Albert Hall) and came back for three encores. Then it was over, all too quickly… and we found a bar underneath the hall which stayed open, so chatted and drank until Eileen pointed out we should make a move as our last train back to Carshalton & Hackbridge was at 20 past midnight, which thankfully we made.

All parenting skills may be out of the window today. A little hungover and tired, but oh, a wonderful night.