Fun And Games.

Yesterday we did the brave (for us, not H) thing and ventured out with just three changes of clothes and a trip to Guildford, just over an hour away. The three changes of clothes were used, only one accident in the car (and that was her telling us she’d done one, too late to stop and catch it), and the others not so bad, just ones that went onto big girl pants and jeans. I thought I’d be right on top of it all getting a Lakeland clothes drier, except it arrived and half of it was smashed so that screwed up that plan.

At one point we went to a shopping centre which appears to be a Westfield one now, which includes the lovely baby changing areas, and it really hit home then – where we’d have space to change a nappy and a buggy, now we have no space to do any of that – fortunately Shaun had the buggy, but there seemed to be no disabled/changing combined loos anywhere. I took H in with me in the ladies, and went for a wee after her. “WELL DONE MUMMY! THAT WAS A REALLY BIG WEE! YOU CAN HAVE A STICKER!!!” she said in the loudest voice imaginable, cue several other mums laughing and giggling. Yes, it was funny, and oh, it can’t be much longer before she works out how to unlock cubicle doors, I bet. The fun has only just begun…

Today we ventured even further – to Portsmouth, and made it intact until the way back when she fell asleep in the car, and had a wee in her pants – the pads in them aren’t strong enough for more than one, so I’m hoping my training pants I’ve got her from the fab Baba and Boo arrive tomorrow or Saturday, so we can change her into those for longer journeys where she might fall asleep… there wasn’t a lot, but there was enough it soaked through. Anyway, today was huge progress, no clothes changes until we got home when she was into her pyjamas anyway – and I’m feeling less nervous about it all.

I ordered a Tippitoes step (as I’ll never get to Ikea at this rate) for our upstairs loo so H can get herself onto the seat, which worked a treat tonight. She can wipe her own bum too (I still do it afterwards), but I’m hoping by the end of January she’ll be able to get herself to the loo, wipe, wash hands and then tell me afterwards…

Yeah, right….

Actually, in all seriousness, I’ve no idea how people who are working full time do it – I’m glad we’ve got this week to do it, plus two extra days next week before I’m back at work on Thursday. If she can be trained enough for nursery I’ll be extremely happy….