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That wasn’t too painful. H and I were sat together in the living room, Shaun upstairs in his little office space.

9am and it was the Joe Wicks PE lesson – perfect for a ten year old who doesn’t like doing PE and is still in her pyjamas – and a perfect excuse for a shower afterwards.

Bonus – no messing around in the evening.

10am and it was down to proper work, a bit of English and Maths. She got through that fairly quickly which was good, nothing too tricky, just things to get your brain going a bit.
We have a list of things which she can do through the day if she gets her main school bits done, so she had a lie down and read a book upstairs.

Bonus – a bit of quiet time for me to do some work, although to be fair things had been fairly quiet anyway.

11.30am and H decided it was time to open the pack of Love Hearts she bought me for Mother’s Day and to share them with me. Then a bit of Topic work, planning for something on her computer about the Victorians. I can’t remember what.

12.30am and Shaun took her outside for a game of badminton. Second PE session of the day, lots of fun, only one shuttlecock into next door’s garden so that’s a result.

1pm – sandwich time, although I always work while eating, I made sure H took a proper break.

1.30pm – back to topic work. The postman delivered a cable which plugs in my electric guitar (yes she has stolen it and claimed it as her own) to H’s speakers so she can practice the songs she’s learning in YouTube tutorials. Music lesson done.

Bonus – she has a second song so now won’t be playing Seven Nation Army on repeat all day. Instead we also have Hedwig’s Theme.

2.30pm – I’ve checked out of work for the day, so tidying up our work area while H finishes off a bit more of her topic work, saving it to come back to tomorrow.

3pm. School’s out for the day. Time for a bit of Ring Fit on our Nintendo Switch, a good energetic end to the day for both of us. That’ll be a third PE session there. Not bad for the girl who doesn’t like doing PE….