not as smooth as yesterday, it has to be said. She settled suddenly at around 10 minutes past Vitamin K (which we realised last night is so thick a liquid, it was probably still in the container it broke from, we didn’t actually bother checking the previous night, and both just assumed), when she dropped out of the world for the best sleep ever.

However, being a generally worried mum, I thought she was in a deep coma thanks to Vitamin K (yes, there’s no rationality to sleepless thoughts), and kept stroking her. Not to wake her up or anything, but of course, that’s what happened.

She eventually got to sleep at some ridiculously late hour, to be woken up for her change and feed at 2.30, when she took way over an hour to settle again – so I took over. Got her settled 20 minutes later, but from that point onwards, the poor little mite kept being sick – so I was paranoid about sleeping, and kept rushing over to the moses basket every time a slight gurgle happened.

This ultimately resulted in around 2 hours sleep overall last night, tops. Add this to the previous morning, getting up at 5.30 to see to madam, and I did around 22 hours without sleep, rolling into today. Oh, I woke at 5am this time though, and have been awake since.

It’s surprising how well you can function on no sleep, I am the worlds worst at this, and yet I’m coping. No coffee, either.

Of course, they say “sleep when baby sleeps” but they don’t take into consideration you need to wash her clothes as they’re covered in sick, you need to wash her bottles ready to be sterilised, you need to blog (okay, maybe not), you need to eat, you need to drink (god, I miss alcohol right now), you need your Lansinoh desperately (god that stuff is good). So by the time you’ve done all that, it’s time to wake up and play, or go out or whatever. Add to that, in less than two hours Nanna Lyn is coming to visit, probably. Oh, and in 30 minutes we’re going to see the Health Visitor.

We did tummy time yesterday, and for the first time she really clearly lifted her head up and moved it from one side to the other. Blimey! Big smiles too, big dimply smiles. Aw. She’s really hitting at the mobiles on the gym too, which is good!