We had a rare night out last night – our second this year. A proper date night, although most of it was talking about all the things we haven’t talked about (fears, worries, happy, sad things, annoying things, taking the mickey out of things) – and that was just on the train to North London.

going out

I’m lucky with my job, I get free tickets to see most of our bands. Last night was the big staff night out to see Queens of the Stone Age at Wembley – the second of their two nights there. The last time I went to a gig there would be Duran Duran around ten years ago so it’s been a while. Childcare was arranged with Karen next door – H had a sleepover – so we were set to have a proper night out.

Banana Tree Vegetarian Duck

We hadn’t had anything to eat so decided to head to West Hampstead for food, stopping at Banana Tree for a delicious meal – and I had Vegetarian Duck for the first time since Boston in 2000! It was yummy and not too filling, the whole meal coming in just under £40. I’m still not sure why they call it vegetarian duck, I mean, that’s just weird isn’t it? (see also Vegetarian bacon. Sausages make more sense as that’s a shape thing these days)

After that it was a trip up the Jubilee line to Wembley, and a walk to the venue which was pleasant enough. We bumped into Eileen from work and all walked up there together, where we found she was on the opposite side of the venue to us – we all had brilliant seats though, almost next to the stage at the side. Oh boy, those drums and bass made our seats rumble at times as well.


QOTSA were amazing. Really amazing. I’ve never seen them live before – I’ve bought their albums since 1990’s ‘Rated R’ which still reminds me of old workmates when I hear the songs. Josh Homme has a funny kind of magnetism – a proper showman, the backdrop to them was the kind of thing you could watch when you don’t want to watch a band play their instruments, and even doing the “are you all enjoying it over there? Are you all enjoying it over there?” type chat wasn’t annoying, we all cheered back at him, Josh was talking to us – he cares. 

You can tell they care. At one point (I’m paraphrasing) he said something like “you can love someone too much. You can love someone too much” and Shaun said “yep, H does that with you” (she’s a little obsessed with me at the moment, declaring earlier today that “Daddy can sleep in my room tonight as I don’t want to sleep on my own any more, I want to sleep with you mummy, then when I get a little sister I can share a room with them”). We both smiled. They also had a brilliant lightshow going on.


It was brilliant to get out for the night together. Those moments are rare – we’re a staying in kind of family who do things together – including H. It’s nice, but it’s also nice to get some proper grown up time. Of course, we got home having navigated our way around London’s closed networks (why do they close the Northern Line on a weekend?) finally getting in for around 1am with some nasty chips from a late night place and fell asleep on the settee waking just after 2am.

It was like the old days, and our amazing neighbours told us to have a lie in (I woke at 8.30 and missed H straight away) so we did, picking her up at 11am.  An early night is in order tonight I think…