It’s my favourite time of the year when I get a Cross Pens delivery for review, primarily because of the presentation, and also because I don’t expect them, so it’s a lovely surprise!

They asked me to become an Ambassador after BlogCamp last year and they didn’t need to ask twice – I love pens!

This is another super-posh pen – my Year of the Snake one from last year still lives in it’s box, only used for special writing occasions, in fact, that’s the interesting thing. Since I started getting the pens I’m writing more things and enjoying using the pens – a bit of weight when you’re writing makes such a difference.

Without further ado, may I introduce their super new pen? Here’s the box.

Cross Pens Year of the Horse

It’s going to be the Year of the Horse – you open the box, and there’s the pen – and the pen still comes with it’s plinth!

Cross Pens Year of the Horse

And finally, here’s the pen on the plinth.

Cross Pens Year of the Horse

I shall be using this pen in the coming weeks to write H’s thankyou cards after her birthday party – with over twenty children attending I need something that isn’t going to hurt my hand too much, and this pen is going to be ideal. Stay tuned…