In between doing everything else, I work. We’ve had a pretty amazing year at work, with one album in particular staying in the Top 10 the entire year. Today was our Christmas payday, and happily, Christmas Bonus day.

This has meant I’ve been out since 8am shopping – until 11.30 – and now I’m going to have a nap. H will get her baby octopus (thank you Octonauts £5 set in Toys R Us) and if she decides she wants to be a Doctor again, then ELC has also made this happen. The train set we had in mind can wait, as we now have plenty, and the other little bits will make her happy. The only thing I’ve not got is Heston’s new Black Forest Gateau thing which my local Waitrose didn’t have in stock… but the Delia Christmas Cake mix was half price!

If I’m really lucky my Christmas Boudoir Privé box will arrive today, just in time for me to head out to H’s Christmas do at nursery. It’s non-stop I tell you, non stop.