I worked this morning, attending a seminar at Google about work related things which was very interesting. Shaun stayed at home with H (as she obviously couldn’t come with me), and met me at lunchtime in Victoria.

H and I then caught the bus to Swiss Cottage, where we eventually found Anastasia and Carla (via a long walk by me in the wrong direction) in a lovely cafe which was err… a lot closer to Swiss Cottage and where we started. Oops. Anyway, we all chatted and ate and it was lovely before heading off to Huggle which I’ve wanted to visit in a long time.

Oh it’s good in there – it was a brief visit, but somewhere that was welcoming and child friendly – H and T ran around the store, and it wasn’t the kind of place someone would tell you to keep an eye on your child (as it’s extremely child-friendly) – H even tried a couple of balance bikes that were around (success!) – before her and T were transfixed by a wooden game which involved marbles being dropped and rolling around, and happily stood playing with that for a while.

Huggle is great – they have a room at the back with activities too – as well as a cafe area. There’s space and it’s brightly coloured, with some loooovely Orla Kiely bags on display in the window (sighhhhh) – I picked up a Piddle Pad there (in preparation for Friday’s drive back up north) – it was a lovely shopping experience – I just dared not stay there longer in case I found more things to buy…

H had a lovely day with T too – two new friends, they were holding hands before we’d barely spoken for the first time, add to that I was happy I finally got to meet Carla and Anastasia who I’ve known online for ages and their babies too – and the weather was good – AND Huggle – today was a pretty blooming good day.

Now I need to sleep.