Well we’ve had quite a day of crafty stuff and getting things done. The reality is Shaun should be studying, but last night we drank wine so he spent most of today with a hangover. Studying and hangovers really do not mix well at all, and I suspect that’ll be our last glass for the next two or three weeks.

So instead we did some stuff.

We made Salt Dough Christmas Decorations (more about that on Mum Friendly)

We then did some painting (H painted Thomas the Tank Engine and Toby under a tunnel, the tunnel had glitter on it)

After that we covered H’s reclaimed Innocent Smoothies box with stickers so we can keep all her hair fasteners and clips in there.

Finally, I got stuck into my tea cosy for The Sun which now I’m several rows in is a lot easier, thank goodness. It’s the first time I’ve knitted following a pattern and with two colours, and I can’t believe I had the fear for so long about it. H was fascinated watching me, so I think the bobbin I got from Tiger for her (which is in a bag waiting for the right time) may make an appearance this Christmas.

A productive day. I didn’t even have a hangover.

My knitting is bloody good too, which is amazing considering I have zero skills.