Next Wednesday we find out which school H will be starting. Next Wednesday evening. I’m starting to get nervous. I found out yesterday that there may be two children in her preschool who will get the same school which will be nice – I’ve no idea who though (as they can’t tell you that).

Today we talked about the new Wiggles, watching some videos of the new ones and their new (and old) songs, and how things change – letting her see that even though purple, red and yellow Wiggle are different, they’re still The Wiggles (a good life lesson there I think?), to which she replied “does that mean the other three are dead?”

Fortunately (Wake Up) Jeff appeared on the video we were watching so I could advise that no, they’re all very much alive.


I’m now hoping she doesn’t think when she’s left preschool that it means everyone has died or something, and she tells everyone this fact.