In my quest to become the perfect housewife (ha, right), I bought more cookery books. I have approximately 30 minutes every night I’m home from work (so that’ll be four nights a week soon) in which to prepare the evening meal, or if I’m lazy, warm it up. (that’ll be freshly made the night before stuff though).

4 Ingredients & 4 Ingredients 2 cookbooks

I decided it was time to broaden my repertoire. I’m bored of the food I cook. I crave when Shaun cooks at weekends as it’s different – so on buying the Thomas Box Set from The Book People for £20 (thanks Alex for the tip – works via Quidco) I also bought these books that I’d been intrigued about – ‘4 Ingredients’ and ‘4 Ingredients 2’.

Loads of recipes with just four ingredients, and two books which have quick to make food, the idea being they’re working parents on the go who don’t have a huge amount of time, but want easy meals to cook which aren’t full of rubbish.

I even bought a book stand so I could take this seriously, you know. (The bread is not any kind of product placement)

Anyway, The Book People delivered today, and the books arrived – £4.99 for the two. Having been vegetarian since the early eighties, I went straight off to that chapter. Oh goody, “chicken stock”. Well obviously vegetable stock will be used, but I do wonder what’s going on there. The books originate from Australia and they’ve given me a few ideas which is what I need, and the previous times I’ve been I know they know how to be vegetarians, so I’ll let it lie. For now.

We’ll revisit in a few weeks and see how we’re getting on, but right now, bar the chicken stock, it’s looking pretty good and I’m INSPIRED.