I was going to post and brag and say how wonderfully H was settling for sleep each night this last week – but last night she went and spoilt it all, the little rascal.

Every night or naptime she’d settle, get into bed and lie down, pull her duvet right up so it’s tucked under her chin, and then whisper in the quietest voice she could “mummy, sing Twinkle Twinkle”, so last night after I’d done just that, she was up and out of bed “whoops Daddy! Silly me!” she giggled – so Shaun tried the old tried and tested pretend-to-be-asleep routine – except this time H got wise. She tickled him. (you have to give her credit here for knowing exactly what to do to get Daddy to react) – Shaun tried not to laugh out loud, opened his eyes and got a “HELLO DADDY! I’M HERE!!!!” type of reaction which I do find quite funny.

I took over, and have found the best way when she’s like this is to pretend to sleep, I’m not ticklish, so the only thing she tries to do is “fall” out of bed next to me, and I’ll nip it in the bud by saying “SSSSSHHH! Mummy’s sleeping” – so she does seem to get bored, and just falls asleep anyway.

Last night was also quite funny – I was propped up in bed as I hadn’t been feeling good (and in fact have left work early today as I’m really not right at all), Shaun was washing H’s hair in the bath. Obviously, having your hair washed is like some kind of torture (or at least you’d think so, the way H screams. I fully expect someone to overhear her screams of pain and shouts of “DADDY! STOP! NO!!” and report us to social services or something), and the yelling and crying (and wailing as a last ditch attempt of “mummmmm-mmmyyyyy”), until she announced she hadn’t finished. Shaun wasn’t sure exactly what she was talking about, and asked if she meant the bath. With big toddler-y sobs she let us know that no, she had in fact finished in the bath, and actually she hadn’t yet finished crying. Good to know… One new toothbrush distraction later (purple) and everything was calm again.

Yesterday afternoon H only wanted to paint in black. I made a film. I fear I have a mini goth in the making here. Sigh. On the plus side, she’s good with her please and thankyou’s.