okay, we’re around midday. Several hours have passed, and you can’t actually work out where most of them have gone, as it only feels like ten minutes since you got out of bed.

1pm – think about lunch
1.30pm – remember I thought about lunch 30 minutes ago
2pm – think about lunch again
2.30pm – decide I should make something to eat
2.45pm – finally get it in the oven, after putting H in her rocker.
3.20pm – horrid ready meal now ready to eat. H now crying
3.30pm – master art of feeding baby while balancing now-cold ready meal on top of her
4pm – wonder where time has gone, then remember she’s due another change. Wonder why we’ve had no time to go for a walk in the park. So think about a walk in the park.
4.15pm – Decide it’s too cold for a walk
4.20pm – she wont stop crying, decide maybe a walk in the park would be a good idea
4.25pm – remember I already thought about that, and get her pramsuit on
4.30pm – leave the house
4.35pm – head back home as I’ve forgotten the changing bag/nappies/my wallet/my head
5pm – head anywhere that might serve a hot drink as I weave my way one-handed buggy-bound through the wilds of Carshalton or Wallington
6pm – home, she may be asleep, likely not. Feed again. Check internet for emails and any interesting things in my rss reader.
7pm – daddy comes home, I hand her over, and come on the internet, and promptly forget everything I wanted to look for.
8.30pm – I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here starts. H screams through most of the show, for varying reasons. We have the live subtitles on (in fact, we have subtitles on tv for everything in case of screaming fit, it helps you calm down when you want to comfort a baby but sort of zone out of feeling tense, as live subtitles are rubbish, but hilariously so), and whenever Ant or Dec are particularly geordie, it comes out wildly wrong. Which amuses us.
9pm – her one bottle of formula is given, she’s lately taken to holding the bottle with both hands. She can’t do this with mummy’s boob, thank god. If not suitably winded, it has been known for the entire contents of bottle to end up all over daddy’s t-shirt, when coming from baby’s tummy.
10pm – she’s bottle fed and starting to slow down. Sleep time may happen any time…
11pm – all in bed, ready for another nights sleep. Ahhhhhh.