The temperature has dropped and I’m surrounded by cold. At work I’m sat in gloves and my coat to help the drafts around my desk stay away from my body, it doesn’t really work, and instead it’s just cold; typing with cold hands is not fun.

It could be worse though. Oh yes. Sometimes they open the window too.


It could be worse than that. When I started working at APT there was little or no heating, just an upstairs room next to the warehouse, the draft would come into our room and quite frankly if you didn’t have thermals on, you didn’t survive the day – now THAT was cold (and it was York too, so proper cold).

Then again, worse than that is just working outside.

So instead I’m thankful I’m at home, I’m warming up for the first time today, and it’s nearly time to go to sleep so I’ll be even warmer in my duvet.

This cold is rubbish.