Hotel Chocolat aren’t just about edible chocolate you know. I’ve been given the chance to try some pretty luscious sounding Body Butter from Hotel Chocolat – part of the Cocoa Juvenate range.

Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Body Butter

The Cocoa Juvenate range has a fabulous range available for Mother’s Day – with a wide selection of things to try.  “Made with handpicked premium ingredients including: Organic West Indian cocoa butter & Moroccan argan oil to help nourish, soften and smooth the skin.” – heck, why eat chocolate when you can smell divine all day after smothering yourself in the stuff? Except it doesn’t smell of chocolate. It smells of wonderful flowers, a lovely fruity floral scent – one of those ones you sit smelling yourself all day as it’s SO good. They also do a Bath Oil which I’m already hinting at…

Hotel Chocolat bag

So when a package turns up like this at work, it makes me a very happy lady and I feel quite special. I’ve been buying Hotel Chocolat’s products for years but had no idea there was a bath & body range available.

Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate

I had a chance to celebrate another blogger with Hotel Chocolat and offer them something to celebrate for being someone special. WELL. I thought a lot about it. See, this lady has had a tough few months though things are getting better and are ‘on the up’ so they say. This is a very good thing. There’s talk of a new job which would be wonderful and after everything that happened to her at the tail end of last year, I think she deserves a treat – she lost her mum back in November (so I know Mothers Day is going to be hard, so this is a huge hug from me), to finding out she could be made homeless (right before Christmas). So therefore my nomination goes to Lynn Fancy over at A Slice of Lemon’s Cake.

She’s lovely, we’re all sharing a room for BritMums this year and most of all she’s a very funny lady, guaranteed to make you laugh due to being brill. I love her blog as when she’s got a point to make she makes it well (and doesn’t meander like I do). So, therefore, she gets my nomination, and Hotel Chocolat will be getting in touch with her very soon….

Here’s Lynn and her awesomest pal Sonya taken last year (by me). On our way to Blogfest – she’s the blonde lady!

Lynn & Sonya


I was sent the Body Butter for free to review and nominate another blogger, this hasn’t affected my opinion, and I smell lovely.