So H tells nursery today “Daddy took Jessie Cat away last night. It made me very sad.”

We’ve been taking away (as an absolute last resort) a toy that she sleeps with when she keeps getting out of bed and refuses to settle. Nine times out of ten, to hear that she’ll stay in bed and be asleep within five minutes (and we don’t use it lightly) – last night on the third wakeup Jessie Cat went.

I now suspect that’s what caused her crying all night in her sleep. We’d even returned Jessie Cat to her bed by then (I must have known in my sleepy state, as I asked Shaun to get the toy back). Now do I feel like a rotten parent? OH yes.

I called nursery mid-way through today to see how H was getting on – she was quiet and withdrawn and not herself at all. I left work an hour earlier than usual, and I’ll make the time up at home, and she comes bounding up to me, happy cheerful face squealing “MUMMYYYY!!!!” and grabbing my hands, jumping up and down. I said to one of the workers “I bet that’s the first time she’s done that today?” hopeful I might get them telling me otherwise, but no, it was. It was like there was nothing wrong with her AT ALL.

Having said all that, I went into the kitchen to get our tea ready, and she wailed her new waily cry… and tears streamed down her face. I really wish I knew what was going on, as it’s like I’ve several pieces of jigsaw which don’t link up. She doesn’t have a temperature, she says she’s not in pain, but she has such an odd wail – almost like she knows it gets attention, so it’s used more and more, but now she’s upset as it’s not getting the attention she wants? “Mummy cuddle” she’d keep asking, and I would cuddle her, and she’d calm again, then cry again.

There comes a point where I had to take a step back and look at her, is she lost in some weird emotional maze that she can’t work out how to get out of? Something isn’t right, and I don’t know what. She’ll apologise and calm down, but get worked up about something else immediately. I’m putting it down to tiredness today, and I’m keeping everything crossed that me and H have a lovely tomorrow. We’ll see.

It’d be lovely if this was some pre-last molar problem and that they’re about to appear and this will all be over soon. Lovely for all of us – especially H.