Last night I was able to sit for a while at the table, so we got all the Christmas presents out which need to be wrapped and hidden. Two arrived yesterday, and with little thought about it I popped them under the tree, much to Shaun’s annoyance. But a tree looks good with presents under it – even though they were both for H.


I used the red wrapping paper. This is now the paper which I have to use when a present is from us to anyone, which cannot be used for Santa under any circumstances whatsoever.


Because five year olds are too smart and spot things like which paper Santa has used. Too smart.

Because five year olds say things like “I really hope Santa gets me a chocolate lolly maker” (damn you tv adverts) “then I can make him one next year!” hmmmm…..

To which I answered “well we’ll see what we can do” before realising I almost let the cat out of the bag. She still believes, so we’re okay, it went over her head. Relief.

As usual, Shaun said “we have too much!” and I dare not tell him about the other things I need to get. Like a Chocolate Lolly Maker.  I just need to remember to use the Santa wrapping paper which will hopefully be well hidden away.

Then there’s the Wii U I bought for all of us. What colour should that be? Will I actually just run out of the stuff and it won’t matter any more, lovingly draped in Elsa and Anna wrapping paper?

The logistics of Christmas and continuing to trick the believers is a massive task you know.

Then there’s the Elves. Edith and Edward are their names. Emily is upstairs somewhere from last year too and will make an appearance. Being ill and trying to think of hi-lar-i-ous things for them to do failed me, so it was left to Shaun who did admirably. So much so I’m going to retire and make it his creative outlet once a year instead. This morning they were playing Mario Kart on the Wii. As you do…

How long before she catches us out?