(to be sung to the tune of ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ please)

I have been tagged by Miss Cisco, and so I shall play.

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
My absolute favourite thing of all with Christmas used to be parties, going to York and watching the Theatre Royal panto (it’s a tradition we’ve not been able to do with H just yet) – the moment Berwick Kaler steps onto the stage and says “ME BABBIES! ME BAIRNS!” the same as it has been almost every Christmas Eve for over 20 years, my eyes kind of well up and I feel like I’m home, and Christmas can start. So that is my absolute favourite thing about it, as it’s like someone has started a fanfare and the celebrations can start. BUT! Now we have H so things change. This isn’t so bad, and we’re not in York which again isn’t so bad as we can do other pantomimes until it’s time. My favourite thing these days isn’t making sure I enjoy myself, it’s keeping the magic going for H and giggling away to myself at how easy it is to hide presents in the loft. So probably more the anticipation of it all.
What’s your favourite make-up look for the festive season?
I don’t have time to put on makeup, but I’d say a good concealer that hides my cholesterol spots and that blood spot on my nose, as well as the dark rings around the eyes. I have one Christmas party to attend (my work one) which I probably won’t go to (it’s not as much fun going on your own, and babysitters are expensive) – so any times I’d wear makeup would be when H has a party – so I don’t look too haggard in front of other mums.

Real or fake trees?

Christmas Tree
Fake plastic trees all the way, I’m afraid. Mainly so I don’t have to clean up too often bar the glitter…. and we have a nice little tree. Maybe next year depending where we are.
Having said that, I love our tree this year. There’s hardly any shop-bought decorations on (some Ikea baubles and some tinsel), and it has home-made or bought from crafty places ones instead (I buy one nice thing a year which usually ends up being two or three) which I like that little bit more – and it has our slightly scary but brilliant fairy on the top too.

Giving or receiving presents?

Giving. I don’t want anything for Christmas. Shaun and I are having a disagreement about this. I’d rather have money and spend it in the sales when I can get the same things for less, whereas he says I really don’t get the presents at Christmas thing, and insists on getting me something. But I don’t want anything… I don’t need anything. Everything I want or need I have here. I have settled on a pair of slippers, which H has insisted must be Princess Holly ones (I’m not entirely sure they’ll do my size) and then of course on discussing this we had to swiftly add in how I must ask Santa so H doesn’t get confused! Ohh these lies.

Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?
Morning! I don’t think we could hold H back until the evening. Or me. I’m just as excited when I watch her open her presents.

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Not at all Christmassy, but The Sound Of Music at Christmas always made it for me. These days it’s discovering a Disney film that we really should have seen (see : Shrek, Toy Story, Finding Nemo) – again, not Christmassy, just shown on Christmas Day. I realise I could join LoveFilm and have done twice – but I’m one of those people who hangs on to films for five months before sending back so I may as well just buy them. If it absolutely has to be Christmas then all of them! We have some DVDs ready for this year, so everything may change by the New Year…

What’s your favourite Christmas food?

I’m all about the Quality Street. But Christmas dinner is always pretty good. Heston’s Orange in a pudding was pretty amazing last year, and our home-made cake was also pretty good (thanks Delia). I’m one of those people who is happy with once slice of cake and I’m done for the year which means Shaun has to eat it all instead (he doesn’t mind). Last weekend it was our local Frost Fair, and I discovered an ace vegetarian pie company who make a lovely spicy one, so I bought one from our Farmer’s Market last Saturday, which is in the freezer ready for me to eat in a couple of weeks. We don’t really have traditions… we’ve still got last years crackers too. Do crackers go off? So my favourite food is probably all of it – the sitting down as a family and stuffing your face and slobbing in front of the tv to watch a film for the afternoon while sipping on some tasty spirit. Yum.

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