H the Christmas Tree

So this afternoon was H’s nursery Christmas songs presentation – our first and last one – except Shaun couldn’t go. His work are installing a new system which he’s leading, so he couldn’t get away from work. I’ve videoed the lot in the hope it’s some consolation, but damn you work for getting in the way – it’s not like you get a second chance at this kind of thing.

My work were great about it, and I got there with ten minutes to spare, for the record.

H was a Christmas Tree. She got to stand up when the songs involved a tree which was great, as we received a Christmas Tree costume yesterday to review – and I have to say, while her nursery one was good, the one we’re reviewing is much much better. She loves it too which is good, as there’s an even more gorgeous tree dress but it was out of stock. More on that over at Mum Friendly soon…

Anyway, they sung six or seven songs, were all very cute, none of them were too shy and I was really pleased I didn’t burst into tears like I thought I would. H is currently rejecting my cuddles though, I’m SO proud of her, but she’s very much “mummy, leave me alone!” right now. Sob!