We went to a local crafty Christmas Fair yesterday. I did what I do at all fairs, and have a quick scan around the place, walk round once and then decide if I’m going to buy.

So right at the end of my first circuit, what was there to tempt me like some large bar of gorgeous irresistible chocolate? The Book People, of course. Aaargh. I stayed strong, I did not buy the Maisy bag, I looked and held back, and was so proud of myself for doing so.

There was a stand as we walked in, Olivia Pink, who are local and who sell lots of gorgeous wooden toys – including tons of Melissa and Doug ones which we drooled over (well, H looked at and said “I like that, mummy”).

Love Dee Baby had a stand with a load of dribble bibs and leg/arm warmers which were all really cool, funky designs. They’re going to be at the German Christmas Market in Kingston until Christmas Eve, so I’m going to do a visit over there and check them out once I’ve finished for the year.

(this is the other bonus, a fair before payday, so I go with no cash, so not too much impulse shopping!)

The Surrey Soap Company had loads of gorgeous smelly things, but lack of cash meant I couldn’t spend. Lis who owns the store was particularly impressed that H recognised the smell of lavender immediately when asked! They’re also at the Kingston Christmas Market – smelling gooooood.

We only got there for the last hour, but H was so well behaved, she was quite disappointed at the end though “I didn’t see Christmas”, she sighed, sadly.