I never make any sense. In my head I know what to say, and in reality I say something which makes no sense whatsoever. This becomes so much worse when I’m tired, and yesterday was a prime example.

I knew that Children’s Centres now could only accept children from the catchment area, which meant occasionally some parents would be turned away. What I didn’t realise is that from January this changed so it was even smaller catchment areas. A thread on the Carshalton Mums Facebook Group yesterday brought this to light.

We’re lucky – we’re about two minutes from our local centre, so fall well within catchment – but say if I wanted to go to another centre like Stanley Park which is in Wallington – I wouldn’t qualify, possibly. Or maybe I would. I’m a little confused by it. We’re very fortunate in that our centre has a lot of activities, but what if we wanted to do something different on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and had wanted to go to another centre to try out what they offer? Before now the fact we were an SM5 or SM6 postcode counted – now it’s even narrower than that. I’ve often thought about finding different activities for a Tuesday morning (but love the convenience of local things), but this limits me, unless I want to pay and do classes somewhere.

It feels a bit unfair. I liked the choice – and luckily we’re in a position we could afford to pay for something if we really wanted to (only just, mind) – but I thought the whole point of these centres were so families had plenty of activities? If you go to another one, then your membership transfers to the new centre – but as we’re two minutes from our local one, does this mean we’re no longer registered there until we go back again? It feels like a lot of extra paperwork, and something which confuses me.

Or possibly we’re restricted to three centres – but still, it’s a shame. My mum friends aren’t all in the same catchment, so it means we’re now all restricted to what we can do. That or everyone just uses my postcode instead, so we all get to use the facilities… it feels wrong to do that.