So, daddy smiles at H for too long? “Daddy, PUT YOUR TEETH AWAY!”

Mummy tilts her head from one side to the other, the same way as H? “Mummy! Head wobble!”

Daddy and H have a screaming/yelling competition in the bath (good acoustics!) – H loses her voice a bit (but not enough to stop being cheeky, I’m pleased to say).

Mummy and H have a bath together “Mummy, this is a LOVELY bath!” she announces “How come?” I reply “Because I like it” is her response.

Yesterday a few friends popped in to play. “NO JOSEPH!” she told her friend as they fought over the broom in the back yard. Fortunately a fly swatter which seems to double as a tennis racket in their heads was an adequate distraction.

We’re trying H out in the big-girl-chair at the moment (ie, the regular seats like ours, no booster or anything). She’s fine and will sit and eat with no worries – although tends to get down from the table – which we’re trying to teach her she needs to ask to leave… but then we don’t do it (d’oh…). Occasionally she’ll refuse to get back into the chair, so we have to tell her she’ll go back in her highchair, which works about 80% of the time… so it’s not quite put away yet.