okay, the talking is moving up a gear – she’s quite the little chatter now – most of which is something you can never make out, but a lot of which you can. She’s copying sentences too, I think it was something like “I don’t want it” she did yesterday. Yikes.

She also used ‘hot’ while eating her cereal, which was cold. Ha.

We’ve also stopped using traditional nappies for her, and have moved on to Pull-Up’s – which work a treat. They’re so much easier to use, I think – and they look less bulky too. She’s quite happy to step into them – and while she’s never really ran away when it’s nappy time, I think she knows it’s a good thing she’s using these. We’ll see how we get on… I might go back to regular nappies for the flight home… but even then changing her wasn’t too bad – bar the turbulence!