Yesterday, despite me not being allowed to do anything I want to, was a day we defied all orders – and drove to Heathrow. We decided to surprise Shaun’s family, and meet them at Terminal 3 as they arrived. The only thing was, we had no idea when we got there whether they’d already gone through or not. I suspected not, so we stood and persevered. After a while, I suggested I went to the toilet, as you can almost guarantee that when that happens, the people you’re waiting for will appear – and lo and behold, they did!

So, a drive to and from Heathrow, plus standing around, and it wore me out. So now I’m understanding what the experts say about overdoing it – and I did next to nothing. Bah.

Still, it’s Wednesday today, and I’m officially free! I can leave the house – except that Nana, Great Nana and Great Aunt all came to visit H, so we stayed in. I was discharged by the community midwife today, but told I’m not eating enough food, so H isn’t getting enough fat on her. So it’s chips for tea tonight, and that weight will all pop back on, I’m sure….

Right, H is now crying, I’m off.