Yeah, I got with the programme. We’re starting to watch Breaking Bad. We’re only a few years behind everyone else who talks about it, but already we’re three episodes in. This is seriously affecting my blogging time as the laptop has to be plugged into the tv for us to watch anything, due to me starting a NetFlix account again.

I nearly lost more valuable blogging time this afternoon too with H – I had a brilliant idea to look on their kids section to find something she’d like before realising I wouldn’t get online as I’d have to watch it too.

Otherwise it’s been a busy long weekend we had. Never let it be said I don’t come up with sensible ideas. As in..


H at Lollibop

There is a reason for this.

1. Most people are at work. It is therefore, quieter. You can, therefore, get stuff done.
2. Those that aren’t at work also know that it’s sensible to go on a Friday.
3. Food queues are always long. There’s no use complaining, you know this. Take some Kendal Mint Cake or something.
4. Queueing to meet a person dressed up in a costume who has nothing to do with the actual costume is fun for a three-year old but boring for a forty-three year old. However, if you have a daddy with you too, he can queue while you play I-Spy on the grass. Result! If you don’t, then you can resort to I-Spy in the queue. Don’t blame me if others join in.
5. If there are ‘works on the line’ they’re less likely on a Friday. See : Weekend alterations, etc. Also worth bearing in mind, if Tottenham play at home then something will be wrong with the Victoria Line, they always did that to us.
6. It might rain but what’s a bit of water then? Take waterproofs. Take a big bag to put them in! Wear a fleece! Sweat a bit – it’s okay, everyone else smells of festival by the time you’ve done a couple of hours.
7. Find out everything first so everyone else doesn’t make the same mistake as you. See also : ask someone in charge lots of awkward but relevant questions so they know what to answer when someone asks them again. Not too awkward, mind.
8. Stay until the end. That way once everyone has left at 2pm you can do everything you couldn’t do earlier as you were either a) queueing so missed it or b) it clashed with something or c) the queues were too long. Your face paint will look fresher too. Smart!
9. Pretend to not see the Cbeebies tv character while frantically updating your Facebook status to make sure your friends all know. Important. Point out the person you spotted is actually quite short too.
10. Revisit some of your old crushes as you spot kids tv presenter types doing their thing. (no I am NOT saying who)

I think that about covers it.

So yes, this is our lives. We’ve had H’s last weekend of being three, and are now counting down to the Big Birthday Week (Shaun’s comes first, his gets very overshadowed these days) as well as the Big Birthday Bash next Saturday which I’ve done no prep for (no change there). At least there’s no rain forecast at the moment…