So, we left things a few weeks ago in the aftermath of what *could* have happened, but fortunately didn’t. Which gives you time to think about stuff, as you do.

Last night I asked Shaun to go through all our paperwork, and something which I think might be pretty massive came to light – our last gas safety check was done in February last year.

In rental properties they’re meant to be every twelve months. Ours was done FOURTEEN months later.

In other words, had it come to light two months sooner, things could have been sorted by now (they’re still not, but it looks like we’re getting central heating – IF we stay here). It would have been two months less of breathing in those evil fumes without realising.

So I’m kind of starting to have slightly angry thoughts right now, while waiting for our annual raise here (which they’re late telling us – surprise, surprise). So I’m starting to look at buying houses to get the hell out of here now, as I’m not sure whether it’s crap letting agents or crap landlady woes going on here. All I know is something wasn’t done when it was meant to, and as far as I can work out, nobody gets into trouble for not doing it. I’m done with letting other people be responsible for these things, if they can’t even get their dates right then what hope is there? I’d rather just do it all myself, and with a part buy part rent we should be able to – even with my old age.

So then there’s the¬†fact we could have died. Just a little matter like that. Supposing something bad had happened. What would the fallout have been, had it come to light that they were late with their gas safety check? It doesn’t seem to be easy to find information to find out what would happen, more what they should be doing.

We’ve already started looking at other rentals too, but so far they seem much smaller than what we currently have – but we’d be happier. But do they want us? Who knows… it’s the waiting game now (which means it’s possible). But the last house we saw, he had the heating on – it was lovely and warm. He has instant hot water. I repeat to myself, why on earth are we still living here?

I don’t like doing grown up very often. I’m probably setting a terrible example to H, and in turn I’ve probably had a terrible example set to me by my mum (as I’m pretty sure my dad did all this stuff). It’s all SO stressful isn’t it? Too much to think about and too little time.