Last night I felt dizzy, and like my legs were going to give way. Shaun had felt a bit weird all night too. We’ve lived in a house with a gas leak before, so being a paranoid type it’s always at the back of my mind every time I feel a bit unwell, and really I wasn’t feeling too good – at least Shaun’s problems could be put down to him doing loads of revision and late nights studying – mine wasn’t quite the same.

So I had to say it.

“what if we have a gas leak?”

He was in agreement with me, so once H was settled for the night and we’d got some air circulating around the house I drove off to B&Q and bought our first Carbon Monoxide Alarm. On returning home we got it working, and…. nothing. Just a flashing green light. The alarm does work – we just don’t have a gas leak thank goodness.

I’m putting the dizziness down to tiredness, on both our parts. I’ve got the reassurance I needed that actually we don’t have a gas leak and even after a pretty poor nights sleep, I’m feeling a lot better.

Why did I not buy a Carbon Monoxide alarm before now? They’re only £20 and have a 7 year lifespan, so it doesn’t break the bank when you balance it out. Silly me.