You know how everything runs fairly smoothly until you think about it? That’s us and car seats and flying.

We take off this evening, leave mid-afternoon for the airport (it’s snowing too), and after some careful research, our existing car seat might not be allowed on the flight.

As good luck would have it, it seems that Britax do a compatible one – the Britax Prince seat – and even luckier for us, Shaun got some gift vouchers from work which can be used at Halfords (who have this very seat 50% discounted at the moment). So he’s off (in the snow) to get it, so we can travel stress-free tonight. See, there’s only a very small number of car seats which are able to be safely fastened with a lap belt – and it’s slimmer too.

So yes, if you happen to be flying with an infant and taking a car seat, this is the one.

Talk about last minute…