or two, we still had a fab day. One of those ones you get to the end of and think “well that’s what being a mum’s all about, I reckon?” – you know the kind, the walk to the park (pushing her on her trike), lunch and a long nap, followed by a walk to the swimming pool, getting home just in time for the afternoon snack and another nap (even longer than lunchtime, oops, she’s still awake upstairs, hubby is trying to settle her).

Schweppes are doing a deal with some water, which gives you a free swim if you hand in a top from the bottle. So that I did, and a few quid was saved. Not bad, especially as the bottles are 50p in Asda. Not bad when you’ve no money.

So yes, by around 5.30 this afternoon, me and H were cuddled up on the settee together, her fast asleep, me drifting off, and it felt like one of those great afternoons. I just wish I could have more of them….

She said “Duck” and “quack quack” again, as well.