Firstly, I fail. My sugary chocolatey intake over the last 24 hours would not make Thinking Slimmer happy – we went to a fab party at Jos’s yesterday afternoon, where she got this fab picture of H and I and we ate cake.

H and me

H also got to play with lots of her friends – and it was so nice to see. She warmed up quickly and was soon searching for Jos’s toys around her lovely house. The Angry Bird went down well too.

H was so well behaved, with the appearance of Jos’s iPad calming things down, at one point there were four of them crouched around it playing happily away on it… apparently learning spanish. H’s friend T also managed to find Cbeebies online and they watched a few episodes of god-knows-what. I’m still amazed at how quickly they pick it up. More people without kids arrived later, and we left not long after that – thankfully on one train journey home and one tired toddler. It was fun!

Before that we also went to what may well be H’s school next year, where we were told by someone we knew that location alone will put us in a very very good position to get a place. I recognised another mum from H’s nursery (who was chatting to another mum saying she knew nobody as her boys went to H’s nursery and how she wished she’d chosen one locally – funny that!) and chatted to her – it seems most people she knows locally got this school as first choice which is also reassuring. The school itself? The minute I walked in I wanted to cry. It’s that point where you realise the rest of her life really starts, and I felt so emotional. Pegs all lined up with school bags on them, a lovely play area and a wooden train, a climbing frame and a million miles from the things I had at my school when I was that age. A huge Very Hungry Caterpillar display in the hall, and lovely spacious airy classrooms. The school has gone through a lot of changes in the last few years and it definitely feels like things are getting better. Their last Ofsted report had the majority of ratings (?) at a 2 as well which was a huge improvement on the last one.

We’ve only a few months before we apply. Gulp. Sniffle.

Today has been a lazy one. We got up at 9am which is an amazing lie in, helped by the fact we got home and got H to bed at 9.30 in the end, so we all feel quite rested today. Time for H and daddy to have some craft time. I’d bought the magazine ‘Friends’ which had some Ben & Holly binoculars on them (perfect for a pirate, in her pirate ship), which has a Poppy Cat rocket you can make at the back using a toilet roll. H is really pleased with hers too.

Poppy Cat Rocket

Rocket ready for takeoff, rocket takes off and get stuck in the outdoor airer, H retrieves the rocket, and the rocket is ready to go, lift offffffffffffff……

There was a lady offering Hama Beads on Freecycle, but so far no reply… although I suspect it may be the small ones that are probably too tricky for H.

Anyway, Andy Murray is doing a bit well right now at Wimbledon, so I’ll be off. Plus I should tidy up while H and daddy are out getting some soil – our carrots need planting…