We’ve been busy. We’re still busy. I like busy. Busy makes the day go faster – but in being busy it means I keep signing up for things without thinking them through. But I am good and stick to my word, so even if it takes me longer to do it, I’ll do it. We get there.

Some things can’t wait though.

H’s 3rd birthday comes in August. It also happens to be when several other friends of hers turn three – we’ve one friend the day before her, one three days afterwards, another three weeks before, another three weeks afterwards (and I’m hoping there wont be a surprise one via nursery). I’m stocked up on ‘3’ cards, and thinking about presents but now I’m having that minor panic I like to have when I’m not entirely sure what kind of party I’d like her to have, other than she’s having one as it’s possibly her last big one (as she’ll turn 4 and start school next year, unless we take the homeschool route) and all her friends are invited (we made a list at the weekend, so at least I’m slightly organised, plus I bought invites a couple of months ago). We have the in-laws over from Australia at that time too, so need to make sure the party is happening then as well as making sure my mum and sister can make it. See? Too much to think about already.

Repeat to self : the only birthday I remember is my ninth, and that’s because I have a photo of it. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as everyone has fun. Repeat to fade.