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This is where I should be doing a ‘I went to BritMums and had an awesome time’ post, but in actual fact, I didn’t. I had a brilliant Friday, but it all went horribly wrong on Saturday. Horribly.

In fact, most of BritMums on the Friday flew by in a whirl. So much that I don’t remember, it may have been the painkillers. My back had been playing up a bit through the week, but nothing a good nights rest wouldn’t fix, right? Except the following morning after my amazing shower something went, and it didn’t fix itself. At all.

I left BritMums 2014 by about 11 on the Saturday in tears, missing everything I wanted to see. I was at home and in bed sometime after midday. On the way home I had what can only be described as almost a panic attack – I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to stand up again on the tube, that something would go wrong, that everything would go wrong, and I felt my heart pounding as I counted down each station. Fortunately I’d taken my goody bag and there was a Highland Spring Elderflower water which I sipped at while trying to find something to stare at and focus (sorry lady opposite me, you probably thought I was weird). When Morden arrived and Shaun was waiting in the car (even though the exhaust was hanging off which led to another panicked journey home) it was the biggest relief I’ve felt in a long time.

BritMums 2014 - me

Other than when I was given decent painkillers which made the back pain go away.

That night I phoned 111 for advice, Shaun bought over the counter painkillers, as strong as I could go. The following day I went to our local Walk-In centre and got prescribed even stronger ones. The day after that I went to an Osteopath who told me I have a twisted pelvis which would explain a lot.  I’ve had two more osteopath treatments and am not feeling any more pain – which is incredible considering I’ve had some kind of pain for the last three years in some form.  No painkillers. No Devil’s Claw any more. None of that.

It’s great. For the first two days after the initial treatment I felt giddy – I couldn’t focus, it was like I was drunk but a neverending kind of drunk without the alcohol (I was only eating fruit and drinking water, I couldn’t face anything else). I was back at work by Thursday, taking it slowly.

So here’s what I have wrong with me.

You have this thing, a sacrum. It is a large triangular bone which is the place where the spine and the pelvis meet. It’s usually made by several bones fusing together, so it forms a solid support alongside the pelvis.

I, however, do not have this. I have several bones which fused together, and the bit which joins onto the spine hasn’t fused – so I have a lower bone which behaves like a vertebra. It shouldn’t really do that. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s also something which can give me back problems. It makes perfect sense really, everything does now.

So if I twist badly, chances are it’s because of this bone which never fused.  (this starts to happen between 16-18 years, up to around 34 so says Wikipedia) I now also know that a good Osteopath can fix it. Every time I’ve hurt my back it has been due to bad twisting – ironing, shaving my legs, picking up a cushion, sitting on a bed.

So while I had no fun at BritMums, I found out a lot about myself afterwards. It won’t help with my blogging, nor will it make me more interesting and attractive to the average browser, but I think I finally have some answers.

I’m not going next year, it’s my Wedding Anniversary. I did, however, buy my ticket for Mumsnet BlogFest which I am already looking forward to a LOT. I really enjoyed it last year and it’s easy to get to.

Britmums 2016, I may be back.

Big shout outs to Sonya for being amazing – thank you for walking me back to the tube. Lynn rocks, and always makes me laugh. Rosie thank you for offering to bring things back for me. Jo, thank you for the painkillers and brilliant to hang out with you.