You make something up to distract your little one from something, the following morning you ask what she’d like to do that day, and she announces she’d like to go to the place you made up. Her memory is a bit too good right now… I guess we’re getting to the stage where her early memories will become lifetime memories (oh, no more pressure there then!).

So this afternoon we have to go to Cuddletown. Fortunately I’ve convinced H that Cuddletown can be anywhere, and she’s buying it. So I’m guessing while we’re lucky she’s forming these memories, we’re also lucky she’ll believe anything we tell her.

She can also remember the contents of party bags now. Every single party bag seems to contain chocolate… every single blooming one. Yesterday was no exception – and this morning she said in her very cutesy singsong voice “I’m ready for my chocolate buttons now!” type thing. There’s no hiding it any more… actually, thinking about it she also asked for her chocolate which I took half of from her last swimming lesson last year – so that’s almost a month ago.

Fortunately she was easily distracted.