So we had our blink and you’ll miss it break, but had one fantastic day doing loads – from the park you can take a walk of around 15 minutes to Bowleaze Cove near Weymouth which had a beach just right for making sandcastles. That’s all you need really, sandcastles.


See, the kids might start and get bored of making sandcastles so take all their clothes off and run into the sea (coming back with buckets full of water to make the sand wet) but it’s us parent who take it all way too seriously.


Especially when next door there’s a sandcastle being made by someone with far superior buckets to us. I may have joked a bit too loudly about getting the kids to kick in their castle, I didn’t mean it, but I think they took it seriously. Not long afterwards their kids stood around it standing guard. Whoops. Sorry.


BUT! We triumphed – the sea made it around the entire moat which is what we were aiming for. I say we, but I mean the others as my back hurt so I decided to take photos. There aren’t many thanks to my daughter’s nakedness but you get the idea. We all did a little bit, and when the dads got very serious about the moat (which eventually worked when the tide started to come in, and we were all well pleased with it) it was time to head back and get ice cream.


You can’t beat fun at the seaside, I just wish we could have done more.

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