Today we’ve had to describe to H what the word ‘boring’ means. Last night we were having our tea and I excitedly told her how I’d been to Tiger and bought more wool to do some knitting.

She looked at me with a weary look

“Mummy, that’s SO boring for me” she advised in exactly the right context a teenager might do.

I didn’t know what to say other than laugh – I’m finding this more and more these days. Anyway, I’ve confirmed this knitting I’m doing will be for me and not her, though I suspect I won’t make it big enough so she’ll end up getting it.

Today we were sitting having lunch. H put her cutlery down and looked at me with a guilty face. “Mummy, I don’t want this food any more” she advised once more “I’m bored”

This time we managed to ascertain she has no idea what bored actually means, so cue a bit of role playing with myself and Shaun, him telling us he wants to watch a tv programme about cars, and me adding “oh how bo-ring…” so she understands. Actually, explaining what boring means is difficult to a three year old “you might not find it boring, but we do, errrr…”


We had a non-boring afternoon today, going to Nonsuch Park with H and her best friend J (they have both confimed they’re best friends with each other) plus Alex and Adam for a spot of cycling. H fell off her bike three times – each of which involved being covered in mud on her hands (and the last time all over her face too) – but she did well again – they both did – I do like it there (apart from the mud) and it was nice to get out and catch up properly too.

So we got home and I put on a Top of the Pops 1978 show I’d recorded so H could watch the music of my childhood – and straight in was Blondie doing ‘Picture This’. “Mummy! This sounds like Winnie the Pooh!” she excitedly told me (no, I’ve no idea why either), until eventually she was asking every few seconds if it was finished yet. Any sensible parent would have picked up on that and then asked why their child didn’t like it, but me – nope.

Me being as gloriously blinkered as I often am didn’t spot it or realise and insisted on her getting to know some Elvis Costello, Kate Bush, Sham 69 (ha), Boomtown Rats and more – when in actual fact, she was bored. Talk about having a perfect opportunity to demonstrate what it actually means. Tsk!