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Well I think we had a great day today, as far as bargains go. “Don’t buy any books” said Shaun as we left, and errr… well, I did.

How could I not, with these bargains – all in at less than £5.

This photo was taken with flash so it’s probably too bright, but hey. Here’s what we got.

Dr. Seuss ‘Colours & Shapes’ – made in Australia hence the extra ‘u’ in Colours, and full of cards with shapes and colours and mixers and stuff which should be fun for learning. H is excellent with colours (thank you Ok Go and your ‘Three Primary Colours’ video and the rainbow song) so this should help expand things more.

Peppa Pig Magic Painting Book – I’m actually more excited about this than H. A MAGIC PAINTING BOOK!!!! You can still get them. You know, the ones you just add water to your brush, and like magic the colours appear. This brings back memories of mid to late seventies Saturday afternoons at my nanna’s, they’re all in the lounge watching Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks on the wrestling, and my sister and I are doing Magic Painting in the dining room, bringing our creations over for them to see.

I got two Dr. Seuss books we already have – ‘Would You Rather Be A Bullfrog?’ and ‘One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish’ oops.

Then of course there’s Topsy & Tim bargains – todays were 2001 editions, Topsy & Tim Learn About Time, Topsy & Tim Learn ABC and Topsy & Tim Learn Opposites. All fab and the first books H pulled out of the pile to read. We already have the time one but seeing as I’ve bought SO many I forgot.

Funnybones ‘Mystery Tour’ was the next one – Sarah recommended it, it’s about three skeletons having an adventure, and while H isn’t really reading (she points out a lot of letters now), it’s something she’ll like.

Meg & Mog-wise we got Owl At School which is a 1984 edition and a bit tatty, and decorated in those lovely 1980’s glitter pens (I’m hoping some nail varnish remover will get rid of it), another for that collection..!

Eric Carle’s ‘”Slowly Slowly Slowly” Said the Sloth’ is one I’ve not heard of, and for 20p, I’ve no objection. Plus it has words like ‘lackadaisical’, ‘dillydally’, ‘impassive’, ‘slothful’, ‘unflappable’ and ‘lethargic’ which will all come out randomly in H’s conversation when she remembers. Anyway, it’s Eric Carle and we love him.

The last two books are learning ones – ‘Tell The Time With Thomas’ and ‘Dora Discovers’ – both counting and learning books which is perfect for now.

So yes, I’m happy with my swag. There’s more boot sales next weekend…. I may well have been banned from buying more books though…. I’m still on a hunt for ‘Phoebe and the Hot Water Bottles’ for Alex.