Oh we had a good day today. I topped up my addiction to books and realised maybe I’m doing the wrong things as far as writing about H in public goes, and maybe I should be doing reviews of books (more about that to come, we have some long overdue ones). But before then, we made it to the Hook Car Boot Sale, a boot sale of legend around these parts as it’s so huge.

I’d like to think of myself as a seasoned car boot sale goer, but to be honest, I’ve only been to two, ever. However, I’m now judging a boot sale on how many books we get for H. Today did not disappoint nor break the bank, everything coming in well under three pounds.

BUT! There’s even better. For the first time ever I got emotional about a book – we found a 1977 edition of a Topsy and Tim book. It all came flooding back – the days of the week on the back (more books to find!!!!!), the proper pictures (for me). Oh I got emotional, even though this dates back to 1977 (so I’d have been seven and probably would have moved on from them by then), I suspect it hasn’t changed too much from the early 1970’s editions I would have read. Sigh.

Look at this loveliness.

Takes me right back, it does. We already have the farm book, but this one has a different ending (slightly).

H has already asked for it to be read to her several times since we got home… I think I have a new addiction.