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It’s already that time again, the St Philomena’s Car Boot sale, our local one which spreads over several fields, and my excuse to indulge in my addiction to buying books for H.

Fortunately today with it being colder it was only a field and a half (it was three and a half last month) – so we were able to get through it all in an hour. Even better, we’ve got more books!

This time we’ve moved into the world of Charlie and Lola, getting H her first two books – she likes to watch them on Cbeebies, and I’ve always liked the more innocent feel of the show and the simple stories. Nothing too complex is a good thing, I think… plus it helps to deal with everyday situations. (Funnily enough, last night on the way to Epsom Downs, H asked “mummy, show me how to whistle” – and I was able to reply using a Peppa Pig episode as an example.) The books aren’t too long, and there’s plenty going on in them.

As luck would have it, another seller had a stack of Topsy & Tim books – ones we don’t have – and ones that are longer and more suitable for older kids. Given the current T&T books we’ve got are being read on a regular basis, I think it’s time to introduce longer ones. The outside of the book claims it’s suitable for over 3’s, so we’ll see how we get on. They’re probably double the length of her current ones, so ones for when she’s wanting to read, I think!

It was on the last stand I found something which cheered me up no end – a Janet and John book! I used to read those (like Topsy & Tim, Meg & Mog) when I was little – so for the grand price of 20p, H now has her first J&J book, where mum seems to obsess about getting wet. I was going to comment on this, and how she seemed a bit OCD, apart from the punchline to the book involves them all being in the rain on a boat, so they all get wet anyway. H keeps asking where Topsy and Tim are on the Janet and John book…

H was so good and walked around, asking to sit in the buggy for a while when it was snacktime, but otherwise wandering around, or helping me push the buggy. We stopped off at our local cafe near the park for ‘coffee’ (hers was a frothy milk with chocolate on the top, but in a proper cup), then a quick play in the park before lunch, and as we headed home she announced “I’ve had a really nice day at the car boot sale!” – result!

Unfortunately I then had an ocular migrane and ran a temperature, so that pretty much killed off the rest of the day.