Oh it’s been a while since we’ve been to a boot sale. I was well behaved today, the only things I wanted to find were Topsy and Tim books we don’t have, and Finding Nemo on DVD – anything else would be because it made me feel nostalgic.

Swag - April

Actually, we did pretty well – £9 and some good stuff. So in no particular order…

We got Finding Nemo! I’ve got to check it actually plays, for £1.50 I’ll be happy if it does as H asks to watch it a lot.

We also got Shrek 1 and 3 (the copy of 2 I found was a DVD-R so I skipped it). They were both bargains at £1 each.

There was a gorgeous dress stand – the lady who makes them is stopping doing them so was selling off her stock – we got one for H for £4. I bought a size 5 so it was nice and big – we’ve so much size 4 stuff I don’t think we need more (but ask me again once she starts school and parties kick in…)

Book-wise we got two Meg & Mog books and one Topsy and Tim – one we picked up at our library recently so I was pleased to get a copy – all three books came in at £1.20 total.

A man had loads of Children’s Traffic Club books – I wasn’t sure if it was the same characters as the ones we’re working through at the moment, and indeed they are (just from several years ago) – he gave me six of those books for nothing!

I picked up some wooden furniture pieces for H’s #operationdollshouse project which is coming along well.

My favourite has to be this final one though – I found a 1970’s Magic Roundabout book – Florence and the Washday – one you read along with and talk about the pictures – proper old school Magic Roundabout – none of this modern ‘Flo’ nonsense. 20p. Twenty-whole-pence. I kept it in my bag the entire day.

I might let H have it….

Anyway, I’m pleased with my haul, some good bargains and not too many books, plus we came away with things we set out to get.